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Term Loans

Low-cost flexible term loans dedicated to start-up and micro-enterprises

A term loan is a lending product that provides a borrower with a fixed sum of money. In exchange, the borrower must repay the loan via an agreed number of installment payments over the term of the loan.

The SBCI’s partnership with Microfinance Ireland (MFI) allows MFI to increase its lending capacity and further support Irish start-ups and established micro-enterprises offering lower rates on its standard loan products.

MFI loans provided using the SBCI’s funding have competitive interest rates, with amounts up to €25,000 and flexible repayment schedules.

For more details visit Microfinance Ireland


Loans available to any business (Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies) with:

Loans tailored to the business stage and needs of the business which include:

Loan Features:

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