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Re-Use Of Public Sector Information

The 2019 Directive (2019/1024/EU) on Open Data & Re-Use of Public Sector Information (Open Data Directive), has been transposed into Irish law by S.I. No. 376 of 2021, the European Communities (Open Data & Re-use of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2021, which repeals S.I. No. 279/2005 as amended by S.I.No. 525/2015.

The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) complies with these Regulations and encourages the re-use of the information that we produce.

SBCI publishes information on its website (https://sbci.gov.ie ) and under the Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme, available at https://sbci.gov.ie/information-access/freedom-of-information/freedom-of-information-publication-scheme. You may re-use the information on the SBCI website free of charge in any format. Re-use includes copying, issuing copies to the public, publishing, broadcasting and translating into other languages. It also covers non-commercial research and study.

Re-use of the information on the SBCI website is subject to the terms of the CC-BY Licence, without the need for users to make an application to the SBCI.

Under the CC-BY Licence, users must acknowledge the source of the information in their product or application by including or linking to this attribution statement: “Contains Irish Government Data licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence”

For more information please visit https://data.gov.ie/pages/open-data-directive

Making a Request

Any specific requests for information under these Regulations, not available on our website, or any questions, should be directed by post or email to the Senior Manager, Corporate Information Services at:

Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland
Treasury Dock
North Wall Quay
Dublin 1
D01 A9T8

Phone: 01 238 5050
Email: rpsi@sbci.gov.ie

Your request should include the following:

A response will generally be provided within 20 working days from receipt of the request, however, where a request is extensive or comprehensive, the response time may be extended to 40 working days.

If you wish to appeal a decision on your request, you may do so by contacting the Office of the Information Commissioner, 6 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, D02W773 – Telephone: (01) 639 5689 or Email: info@oic.ie.

The SBCI does not charge for requests made under the Regulations.

Regulation 3(2) sets out a list of the types of documents to which the Regulations shall not apply and which therefore are not subject to disclosure. Further information on the exemptions and limitations of the Regulations is available at https://www.irishstatutebook.ie/eli/2021/si/376/made/en/


All re-use of SBCI’s information is at the re-user’s own risk. The SBCI is not liable for any loss or liability associated with the re-use of information on this website and does not certify that such information is up-to date or error free, as set out in the licence. The SBCI does not authorise any user to have exclusive rights to re-use its information.

Permission to reproduce information from this website does not extend to any material on the site which may be the property of a third party. The respective copyright holders themselves have to authorise the reproduction of such material.

The SBCI Open Data Publication Plan 2024- 2026 is available here.