For SME Advisers

SBCI products offer simply innovative finance options for your clients, encouraging the sustainability and growth of their business.

How will these products benefit my clients?

SBCI loans are designed to enhance cash flow, encourage investment and stimulate growth. The SBCI will offer flexible loan packages that can be tailored to support SMEs at all stages of development, helping you to deliver the best results for your clients.

By working with existing providers and supporting new entrants to the SME lending market the SBCI will:

  • Expand the range and profile of SME lenders in Ireland
  • Secure lower cost funding to credit institutions which is passed on to SMEs
  • Facilitate flexible products with longer maturity and capital repayment flexibility (subject to credit approval)
  • Deliver more choice and better solutions for your clients

When can my clients apply for these loans?

The SBCI is working with its first lending partners to roll out its initial products. You should not approach your bank to request an SBCI product until the products have been formally launched.

A full public awareness campaign will be conducted to raise awareness of products as they are launched. In the meantime if you would like to give your clients a competitive edge, please click the link below to register your interest, and we will notify you as soon as products are launched.

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Share your ideas with us

As an SME adviser familiar with in the challenges faced by small and medium enterprises in securing finance, we are very interested to hear your ideas on possible new forms of finance for this sector. If you have identified poorly served areas of the SME market, we would like to hear from you.

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